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  Phone: 248-430-4980
775 E. 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI map          Hours:    Mon: 11:30 - 9pm       Tue- Fri: 11:30 - 11pm       Sat: 11:30 - 9pm       Sun: Noon - 6pm
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    GOB Retail is located in Clawson, along the border between Oakland and Maccomb counties in the state of Michigan. A near northern suburb of Detroit. The store is in near proximity to the cities of Royal Oak, Warren, Hazel Park, Madison Heights, Troy, Sterling Heights, Ferndale, Detroit and Berkley and reasonable drive from numerouns other communities, including Southfield, Rochester Hills, Rochester, St. Clair Shores, Roseville, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Township, Clinton Township, Shelby Township, Utica, East Pointe, Beverly Hills, Birmingham,Pontiac, Oak Park and Waterford. The store is just 1 mile east off of I-75, which makes it easily accessible from further out via connections with I-696, I-96 and M59.

    GOB Retail carries all the major brands and likely a bunch you have never heard of as well. Here are just a few:

    Wizards of the Coast, Axis & Allies, House on the Haunted Hill, Robo Rally    Fantasy Flight Games, Arkham Horror, Netrunner, Talisman, Star Wars X-Wing, Elder Sign, Elderitch Horror    Paizo, Pathfinder, Adventure Path, Flip-Mat    Steve Jackson Games, Gurps, Munchkin, Zombie Dice    Privateer Press, Warmachine, Hordes, High Command, Cygnar, Menoth, Cryx, Scyrah, Khador, Mercenaries, Minions, Convergence of Cyriss, Trollblood, Everblight, Orboros    Mage Knight, Heroclix, Attack Wing    Magic the Gathering, Commander, Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, singles, Event Deck, Intro Deck, Fat Pack, Booster    Dominion, Rio Grande Games, Power Grid, Race For Tge Galaxy, Caylus, Lost Cities    Dunegons & Dragons, D&D, 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 3.5 edition, 4th edition, d&d Next    Settlers of Catan, Nuns on the Run, Empire Builder, Euro Rails    Pokemon Trading Card Game, Nintendo    Ticket to Ride, Small World, Relic Runners, Days of Wonder    Twilight Struggle, GMT Games, Dominant Species, Fading Glory, Clash of Monarchs, No Retreat, Washington    AEG, Alderac, Legend of the Five Rings, Smash Up, Love Letter    Zman Games, Terra Mystica, Carcassonne, Stone Age, Robinson Carusso    Asmodee Editions, City of Horrors, Timeline, Seasons, Mr. Jack    White Wolf, World of Darkness, Vampire, Mage, Hunter    Looney Labs, Fluxx, Chrononauts, Pyramids    Yu-Gi-Oh, Konami    dice, dice bag, game mat, figure case    Guild of Blades Publishing, Empires of History, Dark Realms, Heroes Forever, Grunt    Gamewright, Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Island, Story Cubes, Who Would Win    Titan, Space Cadets, Lost Temple, Core Worlds, Milestones, Survive    Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes    Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Deck Vaults, Play Mats    Queen Games, Kingdom Builder, Alhambra, Escape, Lancaster, Shogun    Decision Games, Folio    Worthington Games, Band of Brothers, Guns of August, Guns of Galicia, Hold the Line    Palladium Books, Rifts, Robotech    Illeo, King of Tokyo, Titanium Wars    Marvel, Avengers, Spider-man, Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man    DC Comics, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern    Tasty Minstrel Games, Belfort, Eminent Domain, Ground Floor    Atlas Games, Gloom, Once Upon a Time    Game Salute    Eagle Games, Age of Steam, Defenders of the Realm, Through the Ages    Osprey Publishing, Historical, Books, Guides    Castle, DC Deck Building, Lord of the Rings    Japanime Games, Krosmaster Arena, Kanzume Goddess    Flash Point Fire Rescue, Resistance, Indie Board and Card    Zombicide    Fate, Spirit of the Century, Fate Dice    Call of Cthulhu, Chaosium    Dark Horse Comics    walking dead, IDW    Dream Pod 9, Heavy Gear    Hero Games, Champions, Hero System    Minion Games, Hegemonic, Manhattan Project    Ape Games, Advanced Primate, Order of the Stick, Duck Duck Go, Kill the Overlord    Twilight Creations, Zombies    Arcane Wonders, Mage Wars    Ares Games, War of the Ring    Plaid Hat Games, Mice & Mystics, Bioshock, Summoner Wars    Battletech, Classic Battletech, Iron Wind Metals, Catalyst Game Labs, Mech    Shadowrun, Catalyst Game Labs   

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    Total Previews: 204 Records      September Pre-Orders available to order until 09/26/2017

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    Publisher / TitleCategoryPublisher$ PriceEstimated In StoreWriter
    Absolute Preacher Hc Vol 03 (mr)graphic novelsDC COMICS$150.0004/25/2018Ennis, Garth
    Action Comics #992comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Jurgens, Dan
    Action Comics #992 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Jurgens, Dan
    American Way Those Above And Below #5 (of 6) (mr)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Ridley, John
    Aquaman #30comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Abnett, Dan
    Aquaman #30 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Abnett, Dan
    Aquaman Annual #1comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/29/2017Johnson, Philip Kennedy
    Astro City #49comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Busiek, Kurt
    Astro City Ordinary Heroes Hcgraphic novelsDC COMICS$24.9912/13/2017Busiek, Kurt
    Astro City Reflections Tpgraphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9912/13/2017Busiek, Kurt
    Bane Conquest #7 (of 12)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Dixon, Chuck
    Batgirl #17comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Larson, Hope
    Batgirl #17 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Larson, Hope
    Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #16comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Benson, Julie
    Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #16 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Benson, Julie
    Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey Tp Vol 02 Source Code (rebirthgraphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9912/06/2017
    Batman #34comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017King, Tom
    Batman #34 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017King, Tom
    Batman #35comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017King, Tom
    Batman #35 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017King, Tom
    Batman And Robin Adventures Tp Vol 02graphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9912/06/2017Templeton, Ty
    Batman And The Signal #1 (of 3)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Snyder, Scott
    Batman And The Signal #1 (of 3) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Snyder, Scott
    Batman Annual #2comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/29/2017King, Tom
    Batman Arkham Jokers Daughter Tpgraphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9912/20/2017Rozakis, Bob
    Batman Beyond #14comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Jurgens, Dan
    Batman Beyond #14 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Jurgens, Dan
    Batman Brave & Bold Bronze Age Omnibus Tp Vol 01graphic novelsDC COMICS$34.9912/27/2017Haney, Bob
    Batman Creature Of The Night #1 (of 4)comicsDC COMICS$5.9911/29/2017Busiek, Kurt
    Batman Detective Tp Vol 04 Deus Ex Machina (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9912/13/2017TynionIV, James
    Batman Tp Vol 04 The War Of Jokes & Riddles (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9912/13/2017
    Batman White Knight #2 (of 7)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Murphy, Sean
    Batman White Knight #2 (of 7) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Murphy, Sean
    Batwoman #9comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Bennett, Marguerite
    Batwoman #9 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Bennett, Marguerite
    Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #1 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Isabella, Tony
    Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #1 (of 6) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Isabella, Tony
    Black Lightning Tpgraphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9910/11/2017Isabella, Tony
    Blue Beetle #15comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Sebela, Christopher
    Blue Beetle #15 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Sebela, Christopher
    Blue Beetle Tp Vol 02 Hard Choices (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9912/27/2017Benson, Julie
    Bombshells United #5comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Bennett, Marguerite
    Bombshells United #6comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Bennett, Marguerite
    Bug The Adventures Of Forager #5 (of 6) (mr)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Allred, Lee
    Bug The Adventures Of Forager #5 (of 6) Var Ed (mr)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Allred, Lee
    Cyborg #18comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Semper Jr., John
    Cyborg #18 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Semper Jr., John
    Dark Nights Metal #1 Directors CutcomicsDC COMICS$6.9911/29/2017Snyder, Scott
    Dark Nights Metal #4 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$3.9912/13/2017Snyder, Scott
    Dark Nights Metal #4 (of 6) Kubert Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9912/13/2017Snyder, Scott
    Dark Nights Metal #4 (of 6) Lee Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9912/13/2017Snyder, Scott
    Dark Nights Metal #4 (of 6) Romita Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9912/13/2017Snyder, Scott
    Dastardly And Muttley #3 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Ennis, Garth
    Dastardly And Muttley #3 (of 6) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Ennis, Garth
    Dc Super Hero Girls Boxed Setgraphic novelsDC COMICS$34.9903/28/2018Fontana, Shea
    Dc Universe By John Byrne Hcgraphic novelsDC COMICS$39.9912/13/2017Byrne, John
    Death Of Hawkman Tpgraphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9910/25/2017Andreyko, Marc
    Deathstroke #25 (note Price)comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/01/2017Priest, Christopher
    Deathstroke #25 Var Ed (note Price)comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/01/2017Priest, Christopher
    Demon Hell Is Earth #1 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Constant, Andrew
    Demon Tp Vol 01 Hells Hitmangraphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9910/25/2017Ennis, Garth
    Detective Comics #968comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017TynionIV, James
    Detective Comics #968 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017TynionIV, James
    Detective Comics #969comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017TynionIV, James
    Detective Comics #969 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017TynionIV, James
    Doom Patrol #11 (mr)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Way, Gerard
    Doom Patrol #11 Var Ed (mr)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Way, Gerard
    Doomsday Clock #1 (of 12)comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/22/2017Johns, Geoff
    Doomsday Clock #1 (of 12) Frank Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$4.9911/22/2017Johns, Geoff
    Doomsday Clock #1 (of 12) Lenticular Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$5.9911/22/2017Johns, Geoff
    Everafter Tp Vol 02 Unsentimental Education (mr)graphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9912/20/2017Justus, Dave
    Flash #34comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Williamson, Joshua
    Flash #34 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Williamson, Joshua
    Flash #35comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Williamson, Joshua
    Flash #35 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Williamson, Joshua
    Flintstones And Jetsons Tp Vol 01graphic novelsDC COMICS$12.9910/11/2017Carlin, Mike
    Future Quest Presents #4comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Parker, Jeff
    Future Quest Presents #4 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Parker, Jeff
    Gotham City Garage #3comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Lanzing, Jackson
    Gotham City Garage #4comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Lanzing, Jackson
    Green Arrow #34 (note Price)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Percy, Ben
    Green Arrow #34 Var Ed (note Price)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Percy, Ben
    Green Arrow Annual #1comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/29/2017Percy, Ben
    Green Arrow Tp Vol 04 The Rise Of Star City (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9912/06/2017Percy, Ben
    Green Lantern The Silver Age Omnibus Hc Vol 02graphic novelsDC COMICS$125.0003/28/2018Fox, Gardner
    Green Lanterns #34comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Seeley, Tim
    Green Lanterns #34 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Seeley, Tim
    Green Lanterns #35comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Seeley, Tim
    Green Lanterns #35 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Seeley, Tim
    Green Lanterns Tp Vol 04 The First Rings (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$14.9912/20/2017Humphries, Sam
    Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #32comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Venditti, Robert
    Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #32 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Venditti, Robert
    Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #33comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Venditti, Robert
    Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #33 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Venditti, Robert
    Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #2 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Dini, Paul
    Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #2 (of 6) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Dini, Paul
    Harley Quinn #31comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Conner, Amanda
    Harley Quinn #31 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Conner, Amanda
    Harley Quinn #32comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Conner, Amanda
    Harley Quinn #32 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Conner, Amanda
    Harley Quinn Be Carefor What You Wish For #1 Spc Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$4.9911/29/2017Conner, Amanda
    Harley Quinn Be Careful What You Wish For #1 SpccomicsDC COMICS$4.9911/29/2017Conner, Amanda
    Hawkman Found #1comicsDC COMICS$3.9912/20/2017Lemire, Jeff
    Hawkman Found #1 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9912/20/2017Lemire, Jeff
    Hellblazer #16comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Kadrey, Richard
    Hellblazer #16 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Kadrey, Richard
    Imaginary Fiends #1 (of 6) (mr)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Seeley, Tim
    Injustice 2 #13comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Taylor, Tom
    Injustice 2 #14comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Taylor, Tom
    Injustice 2 Annual #1comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/29/2017Taylor, Tom
    Injustice Ground Zero Tp Vol 01graphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9912/27/2017Sebela, Christopher
    Jetsons #1 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Palmiotti, Jimmy
    Jetsons #1 (of 6) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/01/2017Palmiotti, Jimmy
    Jsa By Geoff Johns Tp Book 01graphic novelsDC COMICS$34.9912/13/2017Johns, Geoff
    Justice League #32comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Hitch, Bryan
    Justice League #32 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Hitch, Bryan
    Justice League #33comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Hitch, Bryan
    Justice League #33 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Hitch, Bryan
    Justice League Of America #18comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Orlando, Steve
    Justice League Of America #18 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Orlando, Steve
    Justice League Of America #19comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Orlando, Steve
    Justice League Of America #19 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Orlando, Steve
    Justice League Of America Annual #1comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/29/2017Orlando, Steve
    Justice League Of America Bronze Age Omnibus Hc Vol 02graphic novelsDC COMICS$125.0003/14/2018Wein, Len
    Justice League Power Rangers Hcgraphic novelsDC COMICS$24.9912/06/2017Taylor, Tom
    Justice League Vs Suicide Squad Tp (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$24.9912/20/2017Williamson, Joshua
    Kamandi By Jack Kirby Omnibus Hcgraphic novelsDC COMICS$125.0003/07/2018Kirby, Jack
    Kamandi Challenge #11 (of 12)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Williams, Rob
    Kamandi Challenge #11 (of 12) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Williams, Rob
    Looney Tunes #240comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Fisch, Sholly
    Mister Miracle #4 (of 12) (mr)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017King, Tom
    Mister Miracle #4 (of 12) Var Ed (mr)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017King, Tom
    Mystik U #1 (of 3)comicsDC COMICS$5.9911/29/2017Kwitney, Alisa
    New Super Man #17comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Yang, Gene Luen
    New Super Man #17 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Yang, Gene Luen
    New Talent Showcase 2017 #1comicsDC COMICS$7.9911/29/2017Accampo, David
    New Teen Titans The Judas Contract Dlx Ed Hcgraphic novelsDC COMICS$29.9901/31/2018Wolfman, Marv
    New Teen Titans Tp Vol 08graphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9912/20/2017Wolfman, Marv
    Nightwing #32comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Seeley, Tim
    Nightwing #32 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Seeley, Tim
    Nightwing #33comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Seeley, Tim
    Nightwing #33 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Seeley, Tim
    Nightwing The New Order #4 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Higgins, Kyle
    Nightwing Tp Vol 01 Better Than Batman (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9910/25/2017Seeley, Tim
    Ragman #2 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Fawkes, Ray
    Red Hood And The Outlaws #16comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Lobdell, Scott
    Red Hood And The Outlaws #16 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Lobdell, Scott
    Robin Tp Vol 05graphic novelsDC COMICS$24.9912/27/2017Dixon, Chuck
    Ruff & Reddy Show #2 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Chaykin, Howard
    Ruff & Reddy Show #2 (of 6) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Chaykin, Howard
    Sandman Gallery Ed Hc (mr)graphic novelsDC COMICS$175.0010/25/2017
    Scooby Apocalypse #19comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Giffen, Keith
    Scooby Apocalypse #19 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Giffen, Keith
    Scooby Doo Team Up #32comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Fisch, Sholly
    Scooby Doo Team Up Tp Vol 04graphic novelsDC COMICS$12.9912/20/2017Fisch, Sholly
    Scooby Doo Where Are You #87comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Fisch, Sholly
    Shazam A New Beginning 30th Anniv Dlx Ed Hcgraphic novelsDC COMICS$34.9912/06/2017Thomas, Dann
    Shazam Tp Vol 01 (n52)graphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9910/11/2017Johns, Geoff
    Smallville Season 11 Tp Vol 09 Continuitygraphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9912/27/2017Miller, Bryan Q.
    Suicide Squad #29comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Williams, Rob
    Suicide Squad #29 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Williams, Rob
    Suicide Squad #30comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Williams, Rob
    Suicide Squad #30 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Williams, Rob
    Suicide Squad Tp Vol 04 Earthlings On Fire (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$14.9912/13/2017Williams, Rob
    Suicide Squad Tp Vol 07 The Dragons Hoardgraphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9912/06/2017Ostrander, John
    Super Sons #10comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Tomasi, Peter J.
    Super Sons #10 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Tomasi, Peter J.
    Super Sons Annual #1comicsDC COMICS$4.9911/29/2017Tomasi, Peter J.
    Supergirl #15comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Orlando, Steve
    Supergirl #15 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Orlando, Steve
    Superman #34comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Tomasi, Peter J.
    Superman #34 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/01/2017Tomasi, Peter J.
    Superman #35comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Tomasi, Peter J.
    Superman #35 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/15/2017Tomasi, Peter J.
    Superman Adventures Tp Vol 04graphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9912/27/2017Millar, Mark
    Superman Batman Tp Vol 06graphic novelsDC COMICS$29.9912/20/2017Casey, Joe
    Superman Secret Identity Dlx Ed Hcgraphic novelsDC COMICS$29.9910/11/2017Busiek, Kurt
    Superwoman #16comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Perkins, Kate
    Superwoman #16 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Perkins, Kate
    Tales Of The Batman Alan Brennert Tpgraphic novelsDC COMICS$19.9912/27/2017Brennert, Alan
    Teen Titans #14comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Percy, Ben
    Teen Titans #14 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/22/2017Percy, Ben
    Teen Titans Go Tp Vol 04 Smells Like Teen Spiritgraphic novelsDC COMICS$12.9912/06/2017Nuhfer, Heather
    Teen Titans The Silver Age Tp Vol 01graphic novelsDC COMICS$29.9912/20/2017Haney, Bob
    Titans #17comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Abnett, Dan
    Titans #17 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Abnett, Dan
    Trinity #15comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Williams, Rob
    Trinity #15 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Williams, Rob
    Trinity Hc Vol 02 Dead Space (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$22.9912/13/2017Manapul, Francis
    Trinity Tp Vol 01 Better Together (rebirth)graphic novelsDC COMICS$16.9912/13/2017Manapul, Francis
    Unwritten Deluxe Hc Book 02 (mr)graphic novelsDC COMICS$34.9912/27/2017Carey, Mike
    Unwritten Hc Tommy Taylor & The Ship That Sank Twice (mr)graphic novelsDC COMICS$22.9910/25/2017Carey, Mike
    We Are Robin Tp Vol 01 The Vigilante Businessgraphic novelsDC COMICS$14.9910/11/2017Bermejo, Lee
    Wild Storm #9comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Ellis, Warren
    Wild Storm #9 Hitch Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Ellis, Warren
    Wild Storm #9 Lee Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Ellis, Warren
    Wildstorm Michael Cray #2comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Hill, Bryan
    Wildstorm Michael Cray #2 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/08/2017Hill, Bryan
    Wonder Woman #34comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Robinson, James
    Wonder Woman #34 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/08/2017Robinson, James
    Wonder Woman #35comicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Robinson, James
    Wonder Woman #35 Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$2.9911/22/2017Robinson, James
    Wonder Woman Conan #3 (of 6)comicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Simone, Gail
    Wonder Woman Conan #3 (of 6) Var EdcomicsDC COMICS$3.9911/15/2017Simone, Gail
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