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775 E. 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017   map   (Just east of Rochester Road)         Hours:    Mon: 11:30 - 9pm       Tuesday - Saturday: 11:30 - 10pm            Sun: 11:30 - 8pm
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The Brothers' War & Sealed Magic
Pokemon - Boxes, Packs, Trainers

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775 E. 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, Mi 48017

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GOB News

GOB Retail is located in Clawson, along the border between Oakland and Maccomb counties in the state of Michigan. A near northern suburb of Detroit. The store is in near proximity to the cities of Royal Oak, Warren, Hazel Park, Madison Heights, Troy, Sterling Heights, Ferndale, Detroit and Berkley and reasonable drive from numerouns other communities, including Southfield, Rochester Hills, Rochester, St. Clair Shores, Roseville, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Township, Clinton Township, Shelby Township, Utica, East Pointe, Beverly Hills, Birmingham,Pontiac, Oak Park and Waterford. The store is just 1 mile east off of I-75, which makes it easily accessible from further out via connections with I-696, I-96 and M59.

GOB Retail carries all the major brands and likely a bunch you have never heard of as well. Here are just a few:

Wizards of the Coast, Axis & Allies, House on the Haunted Hill, Robo Rally    Fantasy Flight Games, Arkham Horror, Netrunner, Talisman, Star Wars X-Wing, Elder Sign, Elderitch Horror    Paizo, Pathfinder, Adventure Path, Flip-Mat    Steve Jackson Games, Gurps, Munchkin, Zombie Dice    Privateer Press, Warmachine, Hordes, High Command, Cygnar, Menoth, Cryx, Scyrah, Khador, Mercenaries, Minions, Convergence of Cyriss, Trollblood, Everblight, Orboros    Mage Knight, Heroclix, Attack Wing    Magic the Gathering, Commander, Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, singles, Event Deck, Intro Deck, Fat Pack, Booster    Dominion, Rio Grande Games, Power Grid, Race For Tge Galaxy, Caylus, Lost Cities    Dunegons & Dragons, D&D, 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 3.5 edition, 4th edition, d&d Next    Settlers of Catan, Nuns on the Run, Empire Builder, Euro Rails    Pokemon Trading Card Game, Nintendo    Ticket to Ride, Small World, Relic Runners, Days of Wonder    Twilight Struggle, GMT Games, Dominant Species, Fading Glory, Clash of Monarchs, No Retreat, Washington    AEG, Alderac, Legend of the Five Rings, Smash Up, Love Letter    Zman Games, Terra Mystica, Carcassonne, Stone Age, Robinson Carusso    Asmodee Editions, City of Horrors, Timeline, Seasons, Mr. Jack    White Wolf, World of Darkness, Vampire, Mage, Hunter    Looney Labs, Fluxx, Chrononauts, Pyramids    Yu-Gi-Oh, Konami    dice, dice bag, game mat, figure case    Guild of Blades Publishing, Empires of History, Dark Realms, Heroes Forever, Grunt    Gamewright, Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Island, Story Cubes, Who Would Win    Titan, Space Cadets, Lost Temple, Core Worlds, Milestones, Survive    Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes    Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Deck Vaults, Play Mats    Queen Games, Kingdom Builder, Alhambra, Escape, Lancaster, Shogun    Decision Games, Folio    Worthington Games, Band of Brothers, Guns of August, Guns of Galicia, Hold the Line    Palladium Books, Rifts, Robotech    Illeo, King of Tokyo, Titanium Wars    Marvel, Avengers, Spider-man, Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man    DC Comics, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern    Tasty Minstrel Games, Belfort, Eminent Domain, Ground Floor    Atlas Games, Gloom, Once Upon a Time    Game Salute    Eagle Games, Age of Steam, Defenders of the Realm, Through the Ages    Osprey Publishing, Historical, Books, Guides    Castle, DC Deck Building, Lord of the Rings    Japanime Games, Krosmaster Arena, Kanzume Goddess    Flash Point Fire Rescue, Resistance, Indie Board and Card    Zombicide    Fate, Spirit of the Century, Fate Dice    Call of Cthulhu, Chaosium    Dark Horse Comics    walking dead, IDW    Dream Pod 9, Heavy Gear    Hero Games, Champions, Hero System    Minion Games, Hegemonic, Manhattan Project    Ape Games, Advanced Primate, Order of the Stick, Duck Duck Go, Kill the Overlord    Twilight Creations, Zombies    Arcane Wonders, Mage Wars    Ares Games, War of the Ring    Plaid Hat Games, Mice & Mystics, Bioshock, Summoner Wars    Battletech, Classic Battletech, Iron Wind Metals, Catalyst Game Labs, Mech    Shadowrun, Catalyst Game Labs    Games Workshop, Space Marines, Orks, Tau Empire, Tyranids    Warhammer, 40k, Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Citadel   

New and Restocks Games, Comics, Pop Culture, Fiction, Accessories, Toys and Educational past 7 days @ GOB

Games, Comics, Graphic Novels, Pop Culture, Accessories, Fiction, Toys and Educational and more that arrived this week at GOB Retail. Below are lists of both new arrivals and restocks that arrived in the past 7 days.

Board Games Trading Card Role Playing Miniatures Puzzle
Comics Graphic Novels Accessories & Collectibles Fiction Toys and Educational

Board and Card Games
New Arrivals :
Inkognito Board Game
My Little Pony: Adventures in Equestria: Familiar Faces Expansion
Transformers Deck Building Game: Dawn of the Dinobots Expansion
Wreckland Run Card Game
Yahtzee: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Astra Board Game - USED - By Seller No: 15589 Joshua Madden
Bubble Tea Dice Game - USED - By Seller No: 15589 Joshua Madden
Curious Cargo Board Game - USED - By Seller No: 19939 George Miller-Davis
Herbaceous Sprouts Board Game - USED - By Seller No: 15589 Joshua Madden
Lemonade Shake Up! Board Game - USED - By Seller No: 15589 Joshua Madden
Pan Am Board Game - USED - By Seller No: 19939 George Miller-Davis
PARKS Memories: Mountaineer Set Matching Game - USED - By Seller No: 7709 Tom Schertzer
Raiders of Scythia Board Game - USED - By Seller No: 19939 George Miller-Davis
Smash Up: The Big Geeky Box - USED - By Seller No: 6373 Thomas Mansfield II
Star Trek: Missions Board Game - USED - By Seller No: 7709 Tom Schertzer
Featherlight Card Game

Restocks :
Mystic Vale: Nemesis
Whirling Witchcraft
One Night Ultimate: Super Villains Card Game
Ultimate Werewolf: One Night Card Game
Catch the Moon Board Game - Rental
Concept Board Game - Rental
Just One Card Game - Rental
Pig Pile: The Hog Wild Card Game - Rental
Quoridor Board Game - Rental
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures - Rental
Unearth Board Game
Letter Jam
Codenames: Duet
Trapwords Party Game
Forbidden Desert
Forbidden Island Board Game
Sushi Go Party
Spirit Island Board Game
Railroad Ink: Arcade Dice Expansion
Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition
Railroad Ink: Eldritch Dice Expansion
King of Tokyo Board Game (2nd Edition)
Night Clan Card Game
Root: Landmarks Pack
Pirate Fluxx
Flamecraft Board Game
Dungeon Drop Board Game
CLANK!: Adventuring Party
Red Dragon Inn 8: The Pub Crawl
Munchkin Deluxe
Munchkin Zombies
Munchkin: Dragons Trike
Munchkin: Knights
Zombie Dice Deluxe
Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale
Trekking the National Parks Family Board Game (2nd Ed)
Trekking the World Board Game
Codenames: Disney Family
Codenames: Harry Potter
Codenames: Marvel
Final Girl: Core Box
Fantasy Realms: Deluxe Edition
Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade

New Arrivals Trading Card Games This Week
Magic the Gathering: Brothers War: Gift Edition Bundle
Magic the Gathering: Jumpstart 2022 Booster Box (24 Packs)
Magic the Gathering: Jumpstart 2022 Booster Pack
Magic the Gathering: Starter Commander Deck 2022 (1 Copy)

Restocked Trading Card Games This Week
Pokemon TCG: Stacking Tin
Magic Mega Land Bundle
Magic the Gathering: Brothers War Jumpstart Booster Pack
Magic the Gathering: Brothers War: SET Booster Pack
Magic the Gathering: Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate Commander Deck (1 Deck)
Magic the Gathering: Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate Set Booster Pack

Magic Singles Get in This Week
"Alharu, Solemn Ritualist"
"Anax, Hardened in the Forge"
"Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea"
"Daxos, Blessed by the Sun"
"Dina, Soul Steeper"
"Hama Pashar, Ruin Seeker"
"Kalain, Reclusive Painter"
"Killian, Ink Duelist"
"Numa, Joraga Chieftain"
"Quintorius, Field Historian"
"Radiant, Serra Archangel"
"Renata, Called to the Hunt"
"Rootha, Mercurial Artist"
"Syr Elenora, the Discerning"
"Targ Nar, Demon-Fang Gnoll"
"Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy"
Abandon Hope
Absolute Grace
Abzan Advantage
Access Tunnel
Acidic Sliver
Ad Nauseam
Aether Helix
Aether Storm
Ageless Guardian
Agent of Stromgald
Agonizing Remorse
Akroma's Blessing
Albino Troll
Alesha's Vanguard
Alseid of Life's Bounty
Altar of the Pantheon
An-Havva Township
Angler Drake
Apostle of Purifying Light
Apprentice Wizard
Arashin Cleric
Arcane Signet
Archon of Falling Stars
Archway Commons
Arcum Dagsson
Ardent Dustspeaker
Arrogant Poet
Assassin's Strike
Assault (Assault/Battery)
Aysen Abbey
Baleful Ammit
Baloth Null
Banisher Priest
Barrowin of Clan Undurr
Beaming Defiance
Belligerent Guest
Belltoll Dragon
Beseech the Queen
Big Play
Bird Admirer
Blasted Landscape
Blood Hypnotist
Blood Petal Celebrant
Blood Researcher
Bloodchief's Thirst
Bloodcrazed Socialite
Bloodshot Trainee
Blowfly Infestation
Blue Dragon
Bogardan Hellkite - Foil
Boon Reflection
Brackish Trudge
Bring to Trial
Builder's Bane
Burrog Befuddler
Call of the Full Moon
Call to Heel
Caribou Range
Castle Sengir
Cathartic Pyre
Ceta Sanctuary
Chain of Vapor
Chamber of Manipulation
Cinder Marsh
Circle of Elders
Citadel Castellan
Clever Lumimancer
Cloister Gargoyle
Clot Sliver
Coldsteel Heart
Combat Professor
Commanding Presence
Conclave Tribunal
Confront the Past
Covetous Geist
Cram Session
Craterhoof Behemoth
Creative Outburst
Creeping Mold
Crimson Hellkite
Crop Rotation
Crown of the Ages
Cruel Edict
Crumbling Necropolis
Crushing Disappointment
Crystal Vein
Culmination of Studies
Cultural Exchange
Cunning Breezedancer
Curse of Marit Lage
Daemogoth Woe-Eater
Dance of Many
Daring Skyjek
Dark Ritual
Dauntless Bodyguard
Dawnhart Mentor
Deadly Brew
Decisive Denial
Defend the Campus
Defiant Strike - Mystical Archive
Detention Vortex
Devoted Grafkeeper
Devourer of Memory
Diabolic Edict
Dimir Machinations
Dingus Staff
Dirtwater Wraith
Display of Dominance
Distant Melody
Disturbed Burial
Divine Smite
Divinity of Pride
Dormant Volcano
Double Major
Dragon Fodder
Dragon Hunter
Dragon's Approach
Dragonloft Idol
Dragonspeaker Shaman
Dream Cache
Dream Prowler
Dregs of Sorrow
Dromoka's Gift
Dueling Coach
Dunes of the Dead
Duskmantle Prowler
Eager First-Year
Earl of Squirrel
Earth Rift
Ebony Fly - Commander
Echo Chamber
Eldrazi Devastator
Elemental Masterpiece
Elemental Mastery
Elemental Summoning
Elven Rite
Elvish Pioneer
Elvish Ranger
Endless Horizons
Energy Flux
Engulfing Flames
Entrancing Lyre
Environmental Sciences
Eron the Relentless
Escape Protocol
Essence Infusion
Eureka Moment
Evincar's Justice
Excavated Wall
Exhilarating Elocution
Expanded Anatomy
Explorer's Scope
Expressive Iteration
Eye for an Eye
Falkenrath Celebrants
Favored of Iroas
Feral Krushok
Ferozs Ban
Field Trip
Fire Tempest
Fire-Field Ogre
Firestorm Hellkite
Forbidden Crypt
Force Void
Fractal Summoning
Frenzied Trapbreaker - Collectors Edition
Frozen AEther
Fuming Effigy
Funeral March
Fyndhorn Elder
Gate Colossus
Gather the Townsfolk
Gauntlets of Chaos
Gavony Dawnguard
Glasses of Urza
Gleeful Sabotage
Gluttonous Guest
Go Blank
Goblin Burrows
Goblin Heelcutter
Goblin Scouts
Goblin Soothsayer
Goblin Vandal
Gods Willing
Golden Ratio
Grave Pact
Green Dragon
Grizzly Ghoul
Gudul Lurker
Guiding Voice
Haazda Snare Squad
Hearth Charm
Heartless Act
Heated Debate
Herdchaser Dragon
Hero of the Winds
Hungering Yeti
Hunt for Specimens
Hunt the Weak
Hyalopterous Lemure
Hydra's Growth
Ice Floe
Ihsan's Shade
Incremental Blight
Infernal Tutor
Infinite Hourglass
Infuse with Vitality
Ingenuity Engine
Inkling Summoning
Inspiring Call
Introduction to Annihilation
Introduction to Prophecy
Iona's Blessing
Iron Golem
Jungle Basin
Jungle Troll
Kaervek's Torch
Karok Wrangler
Keen Sense
Keen-Eared Sentry
Kessig Naturalist - Collectors Edition
Knight of Infamy
Knight Watch
Knollspine Dragon
Koskun Keep
Krovikan Vampire
Krydle of Baldur's Gate
Lash of Malice
Lat-Nam's Legacy
Leech Fanatic
Leshrac's Rite
Letter of Acceptance
Leyline Invocation
Library of Leng
Lightning Helix - Mystical Archive
Lightning Hounds
Living Lands
Llanowar Druid
Llanowar Elves
Llanowar Sentinel
Loathsome Troll
Lorehold Apprentice
Lorehold Campus
Lorehold Excavation
Lorehold Pledgemage
Lurking Arynx
Maelstrom Muse
Mage Duel
Mage Hunters' Onslaught
Magic Missile
Magma Mine
Magnetic Web
Make Your Mark
Malakir Soothsayer
Malignant Growth
Mana Clash
Mana Leak
Mana Prism
Markov Waltzer
Mascot Interception
Maze of Shadows
Midsummer Revel
Mind Games
Mind Peel
Mindwhip Sliver
Minion of the Wastes
Mirror Shield
Mischievous Poltergeist
Mischievous Quanar
Mnemonic Sliver
Mogg Fanatic
Mogg Hollows
Moldering Karok
Monk of the Open Hand
Moon-Blessed Cleric
Moonsilver Key
Mortality Spear
Mountain - Amonkhet (Full Art)
Mountain - Battle for Zendikar (Full Art)
Mountain - Hour of Devastation (Full Art)
Necrotic Fumes
Needle Specter
Needlethorn Drake
Nosy Goblin
Notorious Throng
Novice Dissector
Noxious Grasp
Null Caller
Nyx Herald
Oathsworn Giant
Oblivion Ring
Obsessive Astronomer
Oggyar Battle-Seer
Opal Titan
Overwhelmed Archivist
Owlin Shieldmage
Patron of the Valiant
Pest Summoning
Pestilence Rats
Phalanx Tactics
Phyrexian Bloodstock
Phyrexian Splicer
Phyrexian Vault
Pigment Storm
Pilgrim of the Ages
Pillardrop Rescuer
Pirate Ship
Plague Rats
Plague Wind
Plains - Battle for Zendikar (Full Art)
Plains - Hour of Devastation (Full Art)
Plains - Zendikar (Full Art Proce)
Play with Fire
Plumb the Forbidden
Pop Quiz
Portable Hole
Practical Research
Press the Advantage
Pressure Point
Priest of Gix
Primeval Force
Prismari Apprentice
Prismari Campus
Prismari Pledgemage
Professor of Symbology
Promising Duskmage
Puca's Mischief
Purple Worm
Pyromancer's Assault
Quandrix Apprentice
Quandrix Campus
Quandrix Command
Quandrix Cultivator
Quandrix Pledgemage
Quirion Elves
Rabid Wombat
Rain of Salt
Rebuff the Wicked
Reckless Bushwhacker
Red Dragon
Red Elemental Blast
Reduce to Memory
Reflector Mage
Relentless Rats
Relic Sloth
Returned Pastcaller
Reverse Damage
Rhox War Monk
Rise of Extus
Roar of the Wurm
Rootwater Depths
Rowan Treefolk
Ruins of Trokair
Ruthless Deathfang
Sakashima the Impostor
Salt Road Quartermasters
Sanctum Gargoyle
Sanity Grinding
Savage Ventmaw
Scaleguard Sentinels
Scavenger Drake
Scour from Existence
Sea Troll
Sealed Fate
Seaside Citadel
Secret Rendezvous
Seer's Lantern
Seize the Day
Sentinel's Eyes
Serum Visions
Servant Of Volrath
Setessan Petitioner
Shadewing Laureate
Shard Phoenix
Shieldhide Dragon
Shockmaw Dragon
Show of Confidence
Sight of the Scalelords
Silumgar Spell-Eater
Silumgar's Scorn
Silverquill Apprentice
Silverquill Campus
Silverquill Pledgemage
Simic Locket
Sisay's Ring
Skirk Drill Sergeant
Sling-Gang Lieutenant
Sol Grail
Song of Blood
Songs of the Damned
Soul Net
Soul-Guide Lantern
Sparring Regimen
Spearbreaker Behemoth
Spectacle Mage
Specter of the Fens
Spell Satchel
Spellrune Painter
Spike Colony
Spike Drone
Spike Soldier
Spike Worker
Spinal Graft
Spined Karok
Spirit Link
Spirit Summoning
Spiteful Squad
Spoils of Adventure
Sporoloth Ancient
Springmane Cervin
Sprouting Thrinax
Square Up
Staggering Insight
Star Pupil
Start from Scratch
Stonebinder's Familiar
Stonebound Mentor
Stonerise Spirit
Storm Seeker
Storm-Kiln Artist
Stormchaser Mage
Story Circle
Strict Proctor
Stromkirk Bloodthief
Study Break
Submerged Boneyard
Sudden Impact
Sunmane Pegasus
Sunrise Cavalier
Svyelunite Temple
Swamp - Battle for Zendikar (Full Art)
Swamp - Hour of Devastation (Full Art)
Swift Warkite
Sylvan Messenger
Sylvan Scrying
Symmetry Sage
Syndic of Tithes
Taste of Paradise
Teach by Example
Teachings of the Archaics
Tempest of Light
Temple of the Dragon Queen
Tend the Pests
Tenured Inkcaster
Thalakos Lowlands
The Binding of the Titans
Thelon's Chant
Thing from the Deep
Thought Erasure
Thought Prison
Thundering Chariot
Thunderous Orator
Time Stretch
Titania's Song
Tormod's Crypt
Trial of Knowledge
Trolls of Tel-Jilad
Twinscroll Shaman
Unholy Grotto
Unnatural Moonrise
Unwilling Ingredient
Urborg Elf
Valor in Akros
Vec Townships
Vedalken Archmage
Verdant Touch
Viashino Sandswimmer
Village Rites - Mystical Archive
Village Watch - Collectors Edition
Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree
Voldaren Ambusher
Voldaren Epicure
Volrath's Laboratory
Vortex Runner
Vow of Lightning
Vow of Wildness
Wall of Essence
Warping Wail
Warren Pilferers
Weaver of Lies
Weigh Down
Whispers of the Muse
Winter's Grasp
Winterthorn Blessing
Witherbloom Apprentice
Witherbloom Campus
Witherbloom Command
Witherbloom Pledgemage
Wizards' School
Wolfwillow Haven
Wooden Sphere
Woodfall Primus
Word of Blasting
Word of Undoing
Words of Wisdom
You Happen On a Glade
You See a Pair of Goblins
Zephyr Boots
Zoetic Cavern

Role Playing Games
New Arrivals :
G.I. JOE the Roleplaying Game: Operation Cold Iron

Restocks :
Call of Cthulhu: The Shadow Over Providence
Dungeons and Dragons: Spellbook Cards: Cleric Deck
Creature Codex HC
The Witcher Role Playing Game
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed Core Book
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Ed: Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated: Wilderness

Miniatures Games
New Arrivals :
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Daughters of Khaine: Battleforce: Khainite Slaughter-coven 85-62
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Gloomspite Gitz: Battleforce: Stampeding Squigalanche 89-80
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt: Battleforce: Legion of Grief 91-46-2022
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Orruk Warclans: Battleforce: Kruleboyz Swamp-lurkers
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Skaven: Battleforce: The Verminous Host 90-28
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals: Battleforce: Thunderstrike Spearhead 96-60
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Sylvaneth: Battleforce: Revenant Wargrove 92-23
Dungeons and Dragons: Icons of the Realms: Tomb of Annihilation Box Set No. 1
Dungeons and Dragons: Icons of the Realms: Tomb of Annihilation Box Set no. 2
Dungeons and Dragons: Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Minis Wave 19: Elf Rogue and Half-Elf Rogue Protege
Dungeons and Dragons: Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Minis Wave 19: Headless Monster
Dungeons and Dragons: Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Minis Wave 19: Human Artificer and Human Apprentice
Dungeons and Dragons: Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Minis Wave 19: Nosferatu
Dungeons and Dragons: Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Minis Wave 19: Quicklings
Dungeons and Dragons: Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Minis Wave 19: Stone Giant
Dungeons and Dragons: Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Minis Wave 19: White Dragon Wyrmling

Restocks :
Battletech: Clan Invasion: Salvage Blind Box
White Dwarf Magazine: October 2022 (Issue 481)
Dungeons and Dragons: Dungeons and Doggies: Box 1
Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Premium Figure: Human Male Ranger
Dungeons and Dragons Icons of the Realms: Baldur's Gate Descent Into Avernus: Arkhan the Cruel and the Dark Order
Dungeons and Dragons Nolzurs Marvelous Unpainted Minis Wave 14: Young Remorhaz
Dungeons and Dragons Nolzurs Marvelous Unpainted Minis: Umber Hulk
Dungeons and Dragons: Icons of the Realm: Swamp Gas Balloon
Dungeons and Dragons: Icons of the Realm: Valors Call Starter Set
Dungeons and Dragons: Icons of the Realms: Balagos, Ancient Red Dragon
Dungeons and Dragons: Icons of the Realms: Classic Collection: Monsters A-C Box Set
Dungeons and Dragons: Icons of the Realms: Snowbound Booster Pack
Dungeons and Dragons: Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures Wave 12: Male Tiefling Sorcerer

New Arrivals :
Animal Crossing "New Horizons" Animal Crossing Island Life Puzzle - 1000 Pieces
Bobs Burgers "Greeting's From Wonder Wharf" Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

Garbage Pail Kids "PuzzlePalooza" Puzzle - 1000 Pieces
Puzzle: Scooby Doo: The Meddling Kids 1000-Piece
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Puzzle 1000 Pieces
The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Map Puzzle - 1000 Pieces

New Arrivals Comics This Week
New Comics :
Avengers Assemble Alpha no. 1 (2022 Series)
Captain America: Symbol of Truth no. 7 (2022 Series)
Peter Parker and Miles Morales Spider-Men: Double Trouble no. 1 (2022 Series)
Planet Hulk Worldbreaker no. 1 (2022 Series)
Star Wars: Darth Vader no. 29 (2020 Series)
Strange Academy Finals no. 2 (2022 Series)
Strange no. 8 (2022 Series)
X-Terminators no. 3 (2022 Series)

Dark Horse Comics
Dead Mall no. 2 (2022 Series)
Koshchei in Hell no. 1 (2022 Series)
Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures no. 1 (2022 Series)
The Roadie no. 3 (2022 Series)

Image Comics
20th Century Men no. 4 (2022 Series) (MR)
Dead Lucky no. 4 (2022 Series)
Flawed no. 3 (2022 Series) (MR)
Killadelphia no. 25 (2019 Series) (MR)
King Spawn no. 17 (2021) (Cover A)
Lovesick no. 2 (2022 Series) (MR)
Plush no. 1 (2022 Series) (MR)
Rogue Sun no. 8 (2022 Series)
Stillwater no. 16 (2020 Series) (MR)

Godzilla Rivals Vs Gigan (2022 One Shot)
Star Trek no. 2 (2022 Series)
Star Trek: Lower Decks no. 3 (2022 Series)

Zenescope Publishing
Grimm Fairy Tales no. 66 (2016 Series)

Sumerian Comics
Sara Lone no. 2 (2022 Series) (MR)

Storm King Productions
John Carpenter: Tales of Science Fiction: Interference Pattern no. 5 (2022 Series) (MR)

Scout Comics
Locust: The Ballad of Men no. 4 (2022 Series)
Pulp Bytes no. 1 (2022 Series)

Red 5 Comics
August: Purgatory Underground no. 3 (2022 Series)
Dead Kingdom no. 2 (2022 Series)

Dynamite Entertainment
007 no. 4 (2022 Series)
Unbreakable Red Sonja no. 2 (2022 Series)
Vampirella: Year One no. 4 (2022 Series)

Boom Studios
Approach no. 2 (2022 Series)
Briar no. 2 (2022 Series)
Damn Them All no. 2 (2022 Series)
Orcs: The Curse no. 4 (2022 Series)

BlackBox Comics
Ninja Kaidan no. 5 (2022 Series)

Artists Writers and Artisans Inc
Absolution no. 5 (2022 Series) (MR)
E-Ratic Recharged no. 3 (2022 Series)

Antarctic Press
Fred Perry Secret Sketchbook (2022 One Shot)
Gold Digger Xmas Special Stocking Stuffer (2022 One Shot)
Spectreman: Heroes no. 4 (2022 Series)

Ahoy Comics
My Bad Volume 2 no. 1 (2022 Series) (MR)

Boogyman no. 3 (2022 Series) (MR)

10 Ton Press
Becoming Frankenstein no. 4 (2022 Series)

Back Issue Comics :
DC Comics
Action Comics (1938 Series) no. 612 - Used
Action Comics (1938 Series) no. 643 - Used
Action Comics (1938 Series) no. 728 - Used
Detective Comics (1937) no. 783 - Used
Suicide Squad (2016) no. 1 - Used
Suicide Squad (2016) no. 4 - Used

Morbius the Living Vampire (1992) no. 20 - Used
Morbius the Living Vampire (1992) no. 23 - Used
Morbius the Living Vampire (1992) no. 24 - Used
Spider-Man (1990) no. 24 - Used
The Amazing Spider-man (1963) Annual no. 24 - Used
The Amazing Spider-man (1963) no. 326 - Used
The Amazing Spider-man (1963) no. 327 - Used
The Amazing Spider-man (1963) no. 329 - Used
The Amazing Spider-man (1963) no. 331 - Used

Dark Horse Comics
Classic Star Wars (1992) no. 18 - Used
Classic Star Wars (1992) no. 19 - Used
Classic Star Wars (1992) no. 20 - Used

Image Comics
Curse of the Spawn (1996) no. 10 - Used
Curse of the Spawn (1996) no. 11 - Used
Curse of the Spawn (1996) no. 3 - Used
Curse of the Spawn (1996) no. 4 - Used
Spawn (1992) no. 63 - Used
Spawn (1992) no. 64 - Used
Spawn (1992) no. 65 - Used

Graphic Novels
New Arrivals :
DC Comics
The Sandman: Volume 2: The Dolls House (30th Anniversary Ed) TP

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Vol. 4 - Used
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Vol. 6 (HC) - Used
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Vol. 7 (HC) - Used
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Vol. 8 (HC) - Used
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Vol. 9 (HC) - Used
Wolverine Patch TP
X-Factor Omnibus Volume 2 HC (Raimondi Cover)

Dark Horse Comics
Organisms from an Ancient Cosmos HC
The Legend of Korra: Patterns in Time TP

Seven Seas Entertainment
Creature Girls Volume 6 GN (MR)
Im a Terminal Cancer Patient but Im Fine GN (MR)

Mojang Studios
Minecraft Castle Redstone HC

Kodansha Comics
In the Clear Moonlit Dusk Volume 1 GN
Parasyte Colorized Collection Volume 1 HC (MR)
Wistoria Wand and Sword Volume 1 GN

Andrews and McMeel
Enola Holmes Collected Edition Volume 2 GN

Restocks :
Vertigo Comics
The Sandman: Volume 1: Preludes and Nocturnes TP

Games, Comics Accessories, Figure Collectibles, Posters
New Arrivals :
Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Alphamon Model Kit
Full Mechanics Mailes Kenbu Zan Model Kit (1/48 Scale)
Gundam the 08th Ms Team: MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Anime Version Model Kit
Gundam Universe Action Figure: Mobile Fighter G Gundam GF13-001 NHII Master Gundam
Ichiban Demon Slayer: Tengen Uzui (Things Are Gonna Get Real Flashy Version) Statue
Ichiban Demon Slayer: Tengen Uzui Statue
Ichiban One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy Duel Memories Statue
Mobile Suit Gundam: Robot Spirit: MSV - FA-78-1 FULL ARMOR (Version A.N.I.M.E.) Model Kit
RG Gaogaigar Model Kit
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Kanao Tsuyuri Volume 7 Statue
HG Shenlong Gundam Model Kit (1/144 Scale)
Jujutsu Kaisen: Megumi Fushiguro Jukon No Kata Statue
Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed Internal Structure ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (Version A)
My Hero Academia: Shoto Todoroki Special Version Amazing Heroes Statue
My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission: Izuku Midoriya Amazing Heroes Statue
My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission: Katsuki Bakugo Amazing Heroes Statue
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax: Yukino Yukinoshita Kyunties Statue
Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Uzumaki III Vibration Stars Statue
One Piece: Nami Special Version The Grandline Lady Wanokuni DXF Volume 7 Statue
One Piece: Tony Tony Chopper Grandline Men Wanokuni DXF Volume 19 Statue
Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World: Ram Training Style Version Relax Time Statue
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Otherworlder Volume 13 Statue: Rimuru
Spider-Man No Way Home: DS-101 Integrated Suit 6-Inch Statue
Jeane-Claude Van Damme Gallery PVC Statue
Funko Pop Television: Zorro Anniversary: Zorro (1270)
Fafner in the Azure Fafner Mark Nicht Moderoid Model Kit
Pop Up Parade: Baki: Baki Hanma PVC Statue
Pop Up Parade: Fairy Tail Final Season: Natsu Dragneel Grand Magic Games Arc Version Statue
Pop Up Parade: Jujutsu Kaisen: Kento Nanami PVC Statue
Pop Up Parade: Kaguya-sama: Love is War: Chika Fujiwara PVC Statue
Pop Up Parade: Persona 5: Queen PVC Statue
Pop Up Parade: Umamusume Pretty Derby: Gold Ship School Uniform Version Statue
Darkstalkers: Felicia Bishoujo 1:7 Scale Statue
Pop Up Parade: Rebuild of Evangelion: Rei Long Hair Version Statue
National Treasure Matsumoto Castle 1:200 Scale Plastic Model Kit
Card Sleeves: Avatar The Last Airbender (100 ct)
Card Sleeves: South Park: Awesom-O 4000 (100 ct)
Figures of Fandom: Lord of the Rings: Gandalf the White
Figures of Fandom: Lord of the Rings: Lurtz
Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Gandalf the Grey Small Polystone Mini Statue
Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Gimli Son of Gloin Small Polystone Mini Statue
Mini Epics: Dark Crystal (1982): Jen Figure
Mini Epics: Dark Crystal (1982): Kira Figure
Mini Epics: Stranger Things: Vecna Figure

Restocks :
Sleeves: Dragon Shield: Clear: 100 Sleeves
Sleeves: Dragon Shield: Matte Emerald: 100 Sleeves
Sleeves: Dragon Shield: Matte Magenta: 100 Sleeves
Sleeves: Dragon Shield: Matte Petrol: 100 Sleeves
Sleeves: Dragon Shield: Matte Pink: 100 Sleeves
Sleeves: Dragon Shield: Matte Red: 100 Sleeves
Sleeves: Dragon Shield: Matte Ruby: 100 Sleeves
Sleeves: Dragon Shield: Matte Sky Blue: 100 Sleeves
Kaguya-sama Love is War Kyunties Chika Fujiwara Figure
Borealis Luminary Mini Dice Set
Festive Mini Dice Set
Gemini Dice Set
Glitter Mini Dice Set
Marble Mini Dice Set
Nebula Luminary Mini Dice Set
Scarab Mini Dice Set
Translucent Mini Dice Set
Vortex Mini Dice Set
Marvel Gallery: Avengers Endgame Rocket Raccoon
Marvel Gallery: Deadpool PVC Statue
Koyafu Catgirl Mia 1:7 Scale Statue
Base Primer: Matte Black Undercoat
Battlefield: Foliage: Woodland Tuft
Warpaints: Ash Grey (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Barbarian Flesh (18ml/0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Chaotic Red
Warpaints: Dark Tone Ink (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Deep Blue (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Dragon Red (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Gun Metal (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Leather Brown (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Matt Black (18ml./0.6oz)
Warpaints: Matt White (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Plate Mail Metal (18ml/0.6Oz)
Warpaints: Pure Red (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Skeleton Bone (18ml./0.6Oz.)
Warpaints: Wargaming Starter Paint Set
Binder: Pro 9-Pocket Eclipse Jet Black
Deck Box - Solid Black
Deck Box - Solid White
Deck Protector: 100 sleeves: Solid White
Deckbox: MTG Alcove Flip: Swamp (Wave 7)
Playmat: Magic the Gathering: Battle for Baldurs Gate: Kindred Discovery
Wall Scroll: Magic the Gathering: Innistrad Midnight Hunt

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