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    Dust: Strategy Board Game

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    Rating: 8Reviewed By: Relax Guy01/20/2013
    Summary ReviewDust is a Risk style board game, based on a comic by Paolo Parente. It takes place in the 1950s during a cold war in an alternate universe where Axis forces repelled the D-Day invasion with the help of alien technology discovered in 1938. A Great theme, artwork, components, tweaks to the rules and faster gameplay elevate it above Risk. Its simple mechanics are easy enough to understand and the fun factor makes it a welcome addition to any game library.
    Detailed ReviewDust is fantastic. Its a 2-6 player game based on a Paolo Parentes Dust Wars, a comic which Ive never read, but judging by the artwork its a comic where the men are men and the women are always cold. The artwork is great, though. The rule book, the box, and the cards look awesome, though the board itself is devoid of many embellishments. The pieces for each player are the same, cutesy tanks, some mechs, a couple of flying units, and subs. There are tokens for power nodes and to determine who has control of the most land areas, sea areas, and production. There are also handy dandy reference sheets showing what units cost, what tactical advantages are granted, and what abilities each unit has. Victory points are tallied at the end of a round, after all players have had their turn, and when a player hits a predetermined amount of victory points, the game is over.

    There are 2 variants of game play, the Epic and the Premium games. The Epic game is slower and more methodical, while the Premium game is a faster pace. The Premium game is far superior to its Epic brethren and its what gets played most of the time in my group.

    The heart of the game play revolves around cards. Each card has 3 icons indicating the number of attacks that can be made, moves that can be done, and production granted as well as a special ability that can be used during your turn. The combat icon also determines initiative with the player playing the highest combat going first, the second highest, and so on. Whats so fascinating is that THIS IS ALL YOU CAN DO FOR THE ENTIRE TURN! The stats and abilities on that card is it until all players have taken their turn. In most cases, your ability can only be used once, so there is a carefully weighed risk in playing an ability vs. holding onto it in case someone playing after you decides to make a move against your forces.

    Set up is simple enough. There are 6 capital cities represented by a color. The capital cities are paired in the sense that two are located close to each other. The first player picks a city, then the next player goes picking a city from the two remaining pairings of capitals. The third player chooses from the last pairing and the fourth, fifth, and sixth, players.

    During your turn you will get production points which you can use to build new units, buy new cards, or even build more production facilities. Once you have marshaled your forces you can move to attack an opponent. Here is where Dust shines. Combat initiative is not based on whos turn it is, or who has the most units, its based on tactical advantage, thus the player with tactical advantage will act first. Certain units, mechs and flying units for example add to a number indicating tactical advantage. Then compare that number to your opponents, if you have more tactical advantage, you get to attack first, which is a huge advantage because combat is not resolved simultaneously. It also discourages people from zerg-rush tactics. Dice are rolled. Each die has 2 hit sides and 4 blank sides. Every hit destroys a unit with smaller units taking hits before larger units.

    Usually, card abilities are used in combat, allowing you to reroll all your misses, or keeping a unit from getting killed, or launching a missile attack against any space on the board. Others allow you to produce a mech for free, seize initiative from an opponent, or pick a player who is forced to be peaceful with you for the turn, so you cant attack them and they cant attack you.

    Victory points are counted by the number of power nodes you control at the end of the round. Power nodes are strategically placed territories. Due to power nodes being spread out on the map and how victory isnt necessarily gained with the destruction of an opponent, Dust also discourages people from turtling and hiding off in one corner of the globe. To win you must be fast, plan ahead, out think your opponents, and you must do this while constantly on the move and fending off attack.

    I dont have many complaints about Dust. Reference sheets for card special abilities would be nice, so that youre not fumbling through the back of the rule book would be nice, and it does take some time to play, about 1-1 hours to play, plus a half hour for each additional player. All in all, Dust is fun and worth having in your game library. 8.0/10
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