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    Betrayal At House on The Hill Board Game

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    Rating: 9Reviewed By: J SHeezy11/12/2017
    Summary ReviewI wish to recall the countless times that I've looked at this game, and said "Man, I really want this game." However, due to several issues, either financial or time, I did not pick it up.
    When I finally did, I was excited, opened it up, and had the chance to play the game. Was it worth it? Yes, but like a chocolate doughnut, I have a-few complaints.
    Detailed ReviewBetrayal at House on the Hill is set in a morbid house, where the players take the place of the unfortunate souls that wander in and begin to explore. The game is tile based, so starting with the up-stairs, and main-floor hallways, the players open up door-ways, and begin to expand the scene, adding more rooms, an eventual basement passing skill challenges and finding 'stuff' in these rooms, be them allies, weapons, or tools. Mid-way through the game however; it shifts. See, as you are finding these things, omens occur, basically skill challenges, but with them, a die is rolled to determine if the haunting or betrayal begins. This is where the game really kicks in. A haunting is announced, a random member of the group is selected, and bam, just like that it's one and the board against the remaining members of the game.

    I want to begin with the art and tile boards, because I personally use them not just for this game, but for many others. They are wonderful, giving a vibe of spooky abandoned home which is perfect for layering out for any horror roleplaying games out there. Along with the tiles, the miniatures are excellent as-well. I cannot think off the top of my head many games that pre-paint there miniatures for the board, and these do not disappoint, giving character to the explorers that only add to the backstory (That is also given!)

    The rules are pretty-well written. The game is rather simple with how it is handled, each skill is a health pool- and outside of movement (Which gives you more movement), they add to the dice pool of attacking, or skill challenges, and can be lowered until you die if one hit zeroes. They also most of the time are the deciding factor of who is the traitor, usually with the lowest of one skill becoming the traitor, and gains some supernatural power-house.

    My biggest complaint for the game though is how early omens can screw the traitor. The best games have the omens and haunting lagging behind until later in the game where people have amassed allot of stuff, lowered there pools, and the mansion has been expanded. If such a thing does not happen like it has happen to me several times, you can find encounters that have the traitor half way across the board with not short-cut ability while the others search the area and win the game, since guess what, you didn't open up the basement that much, and the haunting takes place with all current rooms in the basement.

    Aside from the rant, that is my only true complaint. The game is certainly excellent, and I recommend it.
    Rating: 7Reviewed By: Sokane04/20/2015
    Summary ReviewMediocre components and a poor box insert, leaves for lots of sorting before set up. Slow and repetitive first half of the game. Second half of the games was highly enjoyable and one of the more memorable gaming moments. The saving grace of the second half puts this game back on the table for more play time
    Detailed ReviewComponents:

    I feel like the actual physical pieces of the game were lacking. 6 painted plastic figurines were decently detailed, but each figure had to step in for 2 different characters. While the bald man in the white lab coat fit well for the doctor, it made little sense for the priest. Everything else from board tiles, to character cards, to the many many tokens were all the same cardboard punch outs. A lot of the tokens are the same shape and size and the only difference is the text printed on them(Wall switch, secret passage, closet, ext) and there is no good way to keep them all separated on the box. The 10-20 room effect tokens will mix freely with the 30-40 monster tokens and the the item tokens in the 2 compartments in the box for the tokens, figurines and the 8 dice. The sliders for the stats on the character cards are not attached and actually fit quite loosely. They fell off a couple times while playing.


    I am going to separate this to pre haunt event and post as it plays like two totally separate games.

    Pre Haunt: game plays a bit slow and is quite repetitive. Move and explore a new room tile, draw the listed event/item/omen card. Read and move on. Wasn't much to it, and if someone were lucky and delayed the haunt til late, it may get boring.

    Post Haunt: one of my favorite times gaming. The traitor has hidden goals, the heroes have hidden goals. There is a feeling of tension and a frantic vibe to try and complete your goal before the other person/group is able to compete theirs. My side lost our first game, still was a blast and we still talked about it later that night and the next day. Very memorable and the saving grace of this game.

    It will hit my table again, and likely soon
    Rating: 8Reviewed By: Warwizard198912/11/2014
    Summary ReviewGreat game for a group of experienced gamers, but can be confusing for new players. Fantastic art and game design with lots of replay value. 50 different stories to play, 3 floors to explore, and 12 potential characters to choose from for your group of 3-6.
    Detailed ReviewOver all this is a great game if you are an experienced gamer with a group and don't mind playing the first few games with the instruction book next to you. In essence, great for a game night that your already expecting a few rule look ups and time to figure stuff out, not really suited to just bring out in the middle of a party with lots going on.

    The art style sets the mood for the game well, an old creepy house that your group explores and discovers items and such to help or hurt them, while showing the dark and varied past for the house itself.

    Gameplay is a bit confusing at times, with lots of rules and conditions that makes it easy to be wrong a lot and will leave you just "house ruling" cards or various other actions to move the game along.

    The main selling point of the game is the 50 different endings and stories you can play using the omen and room chart in the traitor's book to find out which one you are playing, then the villain is revealed and the group must read in the hero's book how to win. This mechanic plays great with figuring out the story of the house and how to win the game. The villain take their book to another room to find out what he is trying to do it win, and the hero's look at their book to see how to stop them. Most of the time it is clear to see what is going on and what the objective is, but on some of the stories, the villain's and hero's books don't always say all the conditions and lead to the confusion I mentioned with "house ruling" things just to keep going.

    The slight confusion at times and the amount of room needed to play are the only 2 complaints I have with the game, otherwise its a blast to play and I highly recommend it for groups who are used to gaming in general.
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