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    A Touch of Evil: The Coast Expansion

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    Rating: 9Reviewed By: Relax Guy01/20/2013
    Summary ReviewIf Arkham Horror is Moby Dick, then A Touch of Evil is Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. All of the major themes are there and there are enough similarities to warrant comparisons and descriptions of homage, but there are enough differences to make them feel like two separate entities and not a rip off. The Coast is a big box expansion for ATOE that is a must have for those who own the base game.
    Detailed ReviewIm assuming youre already familiar with A Touch of Evil and its rules, otherwise you wouldnt be here so heres the nitty gritty. The Coast is a big box expansion that gives you an additional full sized game board (That makes three full sized boards if you have the Something Wicked expansion), 4 new heroes, 4 new villains, 3 new locations with corresponding decks, a new town, three new town elders and new secrets cards, location cards, event cards, mystery cards, and town cards. Like other Flying Frog games, the components are great. The cards are sturdy, the character and villain sheets have are on hard cardboard, and the artwork is just as good as it ever was. The only gripe I have is that the back of the mystery, event, secrets, and location cards are darker than the base games, meaning that you can look at the back of the deck and have a feeling for whats coming.

    This expansion doesnt require the Something Wicked expansion and plays perfectly with or without it, though most of the time my friends and I choose to live mas and use all three boards.
    The new characters are great and dont feel like rehashes of old characters from previous installments. For example, there is a smuggler character who can use secret passages for free. There are no secret passages in the base game. At the same time though, no one is overpowered. One of the characters starts off with an ability to use spirit instead of combat, but if she wants to train spirit at the church she has to pass an honor 6+ test instead of an honor 5+.

    The villains are inspired. Most of them have a nautical theme, the Ghost Ship, the Sunken Seven, a group of powerful ghosts, a Siren, or the Dreamweaver. These villains dont play like the other villains, though. The Siren calls people to their doom by forcing them to move along paths towards the Icy Waters, the Sunken Seven will force you to randomly use one of your stats to attack them, not necessarily combat. The Dreamweaver causes you to stay up making your character tired and gaining combat bonus for how tired your character is and if you do fall asleep, the Dreamweaver attacks you and youre left to fight with your weakest stat. The Ghost Ship is a treasure hunt that takes you from one side of the map to the other, but every now and then the Ghost Ship appears and becomes a place to adventure. All of the villains are fun to play against, and did I mention that theres a Kraken? There is.

    The new locations will test your abilities. The penalties for failure are severe. Cards are not just discarded willy nilly, they are removed from the game with startling frequency.
    The new town is particularly interesting. Unlike the town on the Shadowbrook board, you dont draw event cards, there is a recycling deck of town events, some give you investigation, some give you items, and some may throw you in combat, adding a sense of danger to being in town, an element missing from the base game where the town is a safe haven where combat rarely happens.

    My group and I found the base game a little too easy. Games quickly became a race to the villain and the first person there usually won, and the shadow track didnt move fast enough. These problems were addressed in the Something Wicked expansion and here as well. Now every game feels like the pressures on. The shadow track moves quickly and players gamble with whether or not they are prepared to face the villain, especially since if they fail, the next player may be ready to take advantage.

    If you have ATOE you have to pick this expansion up. It blends right in to the game beautifully and feels like it is part of a whole and not and expansion made for the sake of making an expansion.

    My biggest complaint would be set up and take down. There are three boards, nearly twenty decks, 20 characters to pick from, 13 villains to fight, 9 town elders, it is an undertaking to set up and because it plays quicker than Arkham Horror it results in a pretty substantial setup to playtime ratio. Theres an unwritten rule in my group that if we do use all three boards, then were committing ourselves to more than one game. Thats not a complaint really, just an observation. 9.5/10
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